School is a container of activities that should be the place where we can "learn". In accordance with the word "learn" itselfs is meant to make us who "do not know" to "know". However, due to constraints of facilities, infrastructure, and cost often we make the school a potluck, so wildly become and origin. As a designer / architect with all the limitations of cost, time etc., Gayuh Budi Utomo, an architect who came from Surabaya, Indonesia is trying to make the school building was a bit more meaningful. Designers assume that the future of this country is on them (school children) and ideals (imagination) even though they are not constrained by any limitations.

This damaged school and old school could be converted into a very lush and beautiful by the Gayuh architect. This school has a main entrance that has a function as the leader of the podium ceremony. Designers chose the theme "I believe you can fly" which owns a manifestation of something that stuck out as if he would like to fly across the boundary. Yes, that's the dreams and hopes of children who attending in this school.

The main entrance of this primary school is designed very elegant and neat, so it can become the primary focus for the viewer. There is a hallway with some very fresh and attractive appearance because the color choice is also very charming.

Designers makes a theme of "freedom", because he believes the school will become a place that can be stimulated his students to create freely without any boundaries that bind them. Thanks to the beautiful design of this new school, the students now feel happy and calm in the process of teaching and learning activities.
The hallway after be renovated
The hallway before be renovated

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