If you are looking for a place that you want to use as a temporary resting place to relieve fatigue after busy with work, this extraordinary place is the answer. Well, This is the Olnick Spanu House designed by Alberto Campo Baeza Architects in Garrison, New York. This wonderful house is located in a mountainous and forest areas. The entire interior was painted with white color, allowing more natural atmosphere was inside the house. There are large glass walls that allow views of the mountains can be seen from inside the house. And below, inside the cement box, the bedrooms and baths are housed. In its central vestibule, connecting the main entrance and the access to the garden, a gallery has been created where pieces of Arte Povera and other pieces of contemporary Italian art are displayed, in addition to other areas around the house. In all, once again, the cabin over the cave. The tectonic piece on top of the stereotomic piece.

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