The Creative Indonesian Architect Gayuh Budi Utomo has created the minimalist house that also used as a home office. This minimalist modern house called the SOHO (Small Office Home Office). Here is description from the designer, "This house is a home renovation with some additional space and changing the facade of the building. Views calm want presented on the facade by making a plain window with the position of symmetry between the door and the use of one color of the walls. Meanwhile, to give a little impression of dynamic presented terrace which impressed drift and the existence of a pool which is under the porch.

Originally the house consisted only of the living room, family room, kitchen, bathroom and 2 bedrooms. Then we changed some of the old section, for example in the front bedroom converted into office functions. Addition of space is mostly done in the rear area by adding the master bedroom and kitchen and dining room. The concept of floor height variations are used to provide a dynamic atmosphere. Warm and open impression want presented in the living room with accent wallpaper as the focal point. The function of the living room here in addition to receiving guests as well as a place to meet with the clients. Besides the guest rooms have working space, is expected to support each other and form a single unit space.�

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