This wonderful residence is located in Khao Lak, Thailand. This modern beautiful residence has the wonderful views to the beach and the sea. This wonderful dream residence is designed by VaSLab Architecture and called the Casa de La Flora Resort. If you want to have the interesting life experiences, this dream house design is very perfect for you. This modern residence near the beach is specially designed for those of you who are taking a holiday.

The living room is very impressive and elegant, there is an unique stair that is made of wooden materials. This unique wooden stair connect to the upper space. There is also the soft comfortable sofa as the main furniture in the living room, beside the large glass wall to provide the beautiful views to the outdoor.
This dream residence has the limestone bathtub that can be used as the minimalist pool when you take a bath. The bathroom furniture and the collection is very complete and modern.
When you see from the facade, there are the bedroom and the living room that looks so impressive and elegant. In front of these room, there is the lounge chair design to relax outdoor and enjoy the landscape.
This Casa de La Flora Resort has truly wonderful views to the beach and sea, it would not makes you feels bored and saturated with the atmosphere of the residence.
The bedroom is very elegant and comfortable, it will make you feels cozy and get the impressive sleeping due to its outdoor views. The combination between white interior design and wooden interior is very interesting and perfect.

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