This is the beautiful dream house design that is designed by Gayuh Architect in East Java, Indonesia. The concept that usually used in creating the house design is that "my home is my Palace", but the designer Gayuh Budi Utomo uses the simple concept that "my home is my imagination".

Located in Juanda Harapan Permai, Sidoarjo, this modern dream Indonesian house design is very beautiful and impressive. The owners itself works as the officer in the ARMY. The owners want to make their house is can become their imagination in their live.

The interior design of this Hummer house is designed by the creative interior designer Dyan Agustin. There is the minimalist wastafel near the bathroom that show the hygiene is strictly maintained in this impressive house.

In this hummer house, there is the small empty room that can be used as a place to relax or be alone when stressful with their daily activities.
The stair is very wonderful and unusual, it is located in the centre of the room, so it uses a lot of space in the house, but one of the wonderful thing about this hummer house is this stair design.
The flooring is very good and clean, the combination colors between the floor, wall, and the ceiling is very impressive and interesting. This house design is truly my dream house design in the future.

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