The green homes is still become everyone's dream homes design. And this time, we will show you about the green homes design that is very perfect as the holiday homes. This is the Lopez Island Cabin by Stuart Silk Architects. This green cabin is located on a wooded bluff above Puget Sound on Lopez Island in Washington State.

This green homes cabin is the great homes design example that shows the traditional retreat in contemporary materials and form. If you take a look for the interior, you will find the several rooms, including the living area, kitchen, two modest bedrooms, and two modern small bathrooms. The combination between the interior and exterior of this green cabin is truly impressive and wonderful. This modern green homes design uses the simple materials and an efficient plan to create a striking, sculptural form.

There are the 14-foot-tall glass wall that complete the main living space and provide the wonderful views to the Sound and mountains. The distinction between interior and exterior makes this green cabin more wonderful and fresh.

The raw materials of this green homes design are very simple and durable. There are the concrete block walls and floor that can serve as a thermal mass, regulating the interior temperature, and allows the sunlight inside.

There are the glass walls as the windows above the block walls to reduce energy costs associated with artificial lighting. The other materials of this green homes design is the birch veneer plywood ceiling panels that can accentuate the lightness of the roof plane as it soars above the living space.

If you want to have the green homes design or a holiday homes design, this modern green homes design and Lopez Island Cabin is the perfect inspiration for you.

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