This is the contemporary green homes design example that is very fresh and natural. This natural dream green homes design is located in Sweden. It is the minimalist green homes or the orangery with very minimalist and stylish interior. This green homes design interior is not filled in green color, yet it appearance is completed with black and white color mostly. Yes, the color that is become the main combination of this homes is black and white, including the wall, floor, and ceiling. This orangery homes design is made of metal construction with 24 square meters and wooden floor and black fa�ade. The designer of this green homes design is the owner itself, Agneta Enzell.

She put the green homes or the orangery in several meters from her own house. It is very good activity because not far for the family homes.

The owner of this green house says that this orangery is a unique place for listening when rain or enjoy the nature during dinner. The designer itself chooses the black and white color, because these colors are calm and classical for Scandinavian homes design.

The green plants and colorful flowers look better on the calm and not bright background, so it will look more beautiful and wonderful.

You may use such an orangery not only for the flowers and plants but also as a study or a garden and green homes for relaxation and gathered with your beloved family.

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