The sunrise gives its own spirit in our lives. When it rises, we will immediately initiate a full range of activities with joy. the sunrise provides its own philosophy for everyone. And for the first time, an architect from Indonesia has designed a house that inspired of the "sunrise". Yes, the "sunrise" is become the idea of this unique residential homes. The house that looks unique and interesting is facing south, so that makes this Sunrise house divided by the orbit of the sun on a daily basis.

To realize the idea, the designer makes an opening reception to meet the terrace that serves as the initial activity of the sun in the morning. In addition, the designer also makes a refined protrudes forward as opposed to the right side in anticipation of the afternoon sun exposure.

The Sunrise house is a house belonging to a young family who give priority to preservation, so the dominance of the end of the house is concrete exposed print.

The bottom of this Sunrise house is a terrace which consists of two entrances, which is the family room is visible from the street, and room service which is covered with a closed roster terracota plant.

Gutter pipe as an aesthetic element that deliberately exposed it easier to care for homeowners. The yellow color and a distinctive accent of this house as splitting the right to meet the rising sun and the left side that responds to the afternoon sun. What an amazing house is it!.

At the time the sun rises,
Reminiscent of the work we do,
But it is our future
Tomorrow .... must start with a kind thought to the fate of our
God's plan may yet we are able to understand,
Anything in us must make to meet the spirit that always spread God's blessings on his servants
So, start with a smile of optimism
When there is a sense of sincerity in live today
Then a pinch of faith was still lodged in our heart.
Should be as bright as a sunny day in the chain of our hearts find joy in the gift of the almighty
Congratulations for this activity we hope to get his blessing. ^ _ ^

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