At the present, there are very lot of home design that follows the trend of the western. No exception for countries which are predominantly Muslim. The western is affecting all aspects of life, so easily seep into the western style of the eastern style, whereas eastern culture known more polite. It is appropriate that we as Muslims create our own creations and imagination without a trace or follow the creations of others, especially the creation of the west.

Here is the wonderful work from the Muslim architect from Indonesia, Gayuh Budi Utomo. He was created the minimalist and modern house design that is very perfect for a Muslim. When you see at the first glance to this house, you will feels wonder and awe. This muslim house looks very minimalist and wonderful, but very modern.

The interior of this minimalist and modern house is very modern and impressive. You can look the wonderful interior on the hall of second floor.

Viewed from the front, on the second floor we will see the unique part of this modern house design. There is the tile former that is used as the wall coverings that are resistant to the weather.

At the second floor when viewed from the facade, you will also find the concrete wall that looks slanted and oblique. This section is an implementation of the direction of qibla degree angle on the "Musholla" in the second floor space.

Above all, this modern Muslim house also has a bathroom that is not less good with a bathroom in luxury hotels though.

This minimalist and modern house design is trully can become the best home choice for a Muslim who want get the better future.

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