As a Muslim, we must rightly orient our lives in this world just for Allah only. If we submit all to Allah, certainly we will be happy. For those of you who are the moslems, surely the islamic house is your dream and desire. If you feel confused in finding a great modern muslim house design, maybe this modern muslim house that is located in Sidoarjo City ( Indonesia ) can be used as the inspiration for you. This modern and simple muslim house design apply the unique design that form a calligraphic of �Allah SWT� as its facade.

If the facade of this house is very modern and unique, it is different with the interior of this house that consist of some some simple rooms. This modern muslim house consist of a living room as the main room, three bedrooms, and also a mini kitchen near the backyard. I�m very interesting with the modern muslim house like this. For me, the modern and minimalist muslim house is my great dream in my life. Because at this present, an islamic living and be a truly moslems is rather hard. I will build the modern and minimalis muslim house if I will be married later. What about you?

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