Beautiful design of the contemporary modern home design is very impressive and amazing. The concept and structure of this beautiful building is inspired by a flower. Did you ever think if the flowers can be used as a design house? Beautiful, beautiful house located in the city of Tangerang, Indonesia is actually originated from the idea that the owner himself. Yes, this beautiful home design inspired by the story past the landlord about those times dating to his wife. So, when youth, the owner expresses his love his beloved girl who is now his wife through a beautiful flower. Starting from there, the home owner discusses the form of the house that will be created with the architect Gayuh Budi Utomo.

And finally the architect manages in creating a beautiful house with the concept of the flowers. By transforming a flower with its crown, the designer trying to describe the detailed house design with the flowers nuances. With the colorful petals and stems that are applied as a buffer rod. If we look at the front of this house, it is really looks like a beautiful flower bloom. The modern interior design in this house is very modern and impressive. The living room and family room is very elegant and attractive attention. The design of this beautiful house is an example of modern home design is very nice today. If you want to make a home design, what is kind of the house design you want? Does your past can inspire?

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