If you have the large living space in your home office, this creative modular shelving system is the perfect furniture choice to complete your home furnishings. This creative modular shelving system is called the Serpent shelves by Polish designer Bashko Trybek. This unique and creative shelf is mounted on the wall. It is very versatile and functional.

Its design is very simple and it is easy used. You just take it in your room and put the items you'll save on it. This creative modular shelving system is space-saving and impressive. It can be placed at any room in any home office interior design. The materials of this creative modular shelving system are also very simple and durable.

It is made of wooden as the base and the steel that can be used as the supporter wall. The Serpent is a modular shelving system which gives the user an opportunity to choose the desired dimensions of the shelf.

This creative shelf also allows to combines and arranges the shelves to fit various interiors and spaces. The idea of the structure gives numerous usage possibilities by modifying the dimensions of the shelves and wires and adjusting them to diverse spaces.

The structure is plain and makes the product sustainable and easy to recycle. This is the creative and innovative furniture design that can furnish your home office interior design.

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