A home can achieve its function or the architecture more commonly known as "form following function" will be more charming and elegant if it is occupied. This modern house that was designed by Gayuh architect is very unique and creative. This unique house will be designed to have three different shades. Yes, as the name suggests, this house is expected to give different shades as the name suggests, Three Flavors House. This house was inspired by a multi-layered sandwich. As with any sandwich that has a different flavor in every layer. The house is expected to also have the feel like it. Gayuh Budi Utomo was an architect who came from Surabaya is famous for his design of a highly creative and innovative.

The Sandwich House is the result of talks between the designer and his client in a meeting to discuss about a dwelling with a very high level of functionality as the demands substantial investment in land acquisition and development later. Mr. Suroso families is the Gayuh client who desperately wanted a house that has diverse functions in a single form.

The client wanted a house with details like this: first floor serves as a store of stationery and photocopiers. Then on the second floor he wants to start a boarding house as a steady income enhancement. While the third floor of a house that the plan will be occupied by his eldest son if married later.

From light conversation between Gayuh and his client, finally getting the sketches that are very unique that will serve as a form of the house later. Whether because of hunger or indeed the idea is suitable, the designer finally decided to transform the 3 functions in a single dwelling is like a sandwich which is a typical European food names.

Designers intentionally make a sandwich as an inspiration because they found some similarities between the two. A sandwich consists of a very different element in it consists of bread, vegetables and meat, but after three integrated into one circuit then there is a new flavor with a distinctive shape that is different from other foods.

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