If you want to have the dream house design that has the wonderful garden views, this modern house design in Singapore can be used as your inspiration. This modern dream house design is designed by Guz Architects and was called the Sun House. This modern house design with wonderful garden is located in Singapore. The sun house is a wonderful and impressive compact house for Singapore on a roadside corner plot in an established bungalow area. The outdoor and indoor parts of this modern dream house design is truly very perfect and beautiful. Not only the interior that is very modern and unique due to its appearance, but also the exterior is very wonderful. The architects push the main 'L' shape of the building in order to make the most of the site to the rear. With the 'L' shape construction, then we can see an open courtyard which was private but with still a feeling of openness, thus still allowing for good views and airflow.

We can find and look the wonderful garden with the ponds and pool as cooling elements for the building.

This wonderful and beautiful garden can become the visual focal points of this sun house. According to its name, the sun house is meaning that the house that always provide the sunlight.

You can relax in the house and also enjoy all wonderful views to the outdoor. The volumes and space of this house were maximised as much as possible by sharing the open staircase and double height living space with the courtyard area.

The large glass wall allows us to see the wonderful and beautiful views of the garden. The designer create this modern dream house design according to the owner that want to have the house that can become the relax house and also as the art object, because the owner had a lovely collection of artwork and sculptures.

If you go to his living room, then you will see the creation of a large solid wall with niches which housed his artworks. This modern dream house design is truly wonderful and can become the perfect place for relaxation.

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