This modern multi-family house is the best choice you who are want to have the family housing with different atmosphere and relationship with others people. Of course, this multi-family housing by Studio Af6 is located in the one of the region in Sevilla, Spain. This modern apartment and housing is truly very interesting and impressive. It has the modern both interior and exterior. Its architecture building is also not bad that the other building in this city.

This Sevilla multi-family housing has the modern and beautiful garden around the main architecture. After reflecting on the urban parameters of the �Garden City�, the designer took advantage of the uniqueness of the rules assigned to the location in one region in Sevilla. So the designer wants to create the building to appear to be floating over a garden that is oriented to the south and allows the sunlight into every interior of this family-housing. The main garden of this housing is releasing the ground floor and letting the sun from the south to filter through the space.

The design wants to connect every room in a new relationship between domestic space and the multi-family home. They has designed each home faces outward with a single window that invites residents to enjoy the great urban landscape. From the outside, each window looks as a home.

By connecting the space of every interior, the designer also add value to the spaces of this set of privately developed housing. They are also using windows to bring the exterior into private spaces in order to get the wonderful and perfect atmosphere for everyone.

If you look its yard from the font of this modern family-housing, you will see the modern stairs that is designed with very simple and elegant and also space-saving.

The stairs of this modern family-housing are also become the focal point of the interior. This modern family-housing in Sevilla is the great and elegant choice for you.

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