This modern and traditional homes design combination is called the "Pendopo House". This house is designed by creative Indonesian Architect, Gayuh Budi Utomo. This house has the traditional design in the exterior, yet when you look in the interior design of this house, you will see the wonderful and modern interior inside it. This modern traditional house design consists of two masses separated by the pool. The mass at the front serves as a living room, shaped like a pavilion and open-ended. Meanwhile behind the mass function for rooms such as living rooms, bedrooms, and service area.

The main building material is wood, because the location of the house to be near the forest area Trawas, so the wood in that area is very easy to obtain.

The walls of the master bedroom on one side overlooking the mountain was given the maximum aperture of glass doors, as well as the terrace beside the bedroom so they can enjoy the scenery when out of the bedroom. The presence of a fish pond that blends with a living room adds a natural and comfortable in this modern home.

This wonderful combination of traditional and modern Indonesian homes design is truly very modern and interesting.

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