This modern homes design is designed by the famous architect from Surabaya, Gayuh Budi Utomo. This modern homes design is called the Wind Homes by the designer. This dream green homes is very eco-friendly and very wonderful. It can reduce the global warming, that is become the serious problem now.

Gresik is one of the cities located in East Java, Indonesia. The city will abundant sunshine during the day has a high temperature between 25 degrees Celsius - 32 degrees Celsius. This resulted in temperature inside the house getting too high, so many people use air conditioning as the city is an easy solution for this. But please be aware that use Freon air conditioner is one contributor to global warming is now starting to feel the effect in all parts of the world.

Knowing that fact, the house is located in the city of Gresik is implementing a solution that utilizes the concept of architecture as a climate modifier therein. This house was designed by using the tall of the building, and the designer planned openings at several points that are connected with living spaces in them, such as bedrooms, TV room, and family room.
The air flows from outside into the building like an upside-down chimney function. The concept is that the chimney drains heat from the fireplace to smoke outside the building, but this wind funnel air flow from outside into the living room connected.

Designer aware that by passing the outside air into the house is not the single solutions, because there is no filter that filters the dirty air. This can minimize the addition of vegetation filter in the mouths of the air chimney. Besides functioning filter, this vegetation can also reduce the temperature of the air that it passes though untested in the laboratory. But this design can be applied and developed as one solution to rising global temperatures. "Adding a tree / vegetation better than we are adding air conditioning at home", said the designer.

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