This minimalist modern homes has a theme of "the couple dance". A house located in Rungkut, Surabaya is the imagination of the owner of a residential design is more express. Dance together is a symbol of the "compactness" who wants to be poured as the theme of making the basic idea of the building.

Why did they choose "the couple dance" as the theme of this minimalist house? Because according to the couple who owned this house together as it navigates the household is a beautiful thing and it requires an extra compactness same as when we danced together. There are times when we must be quiet, sway, run and jump.

The architect of this minimalist modern house design considers this idea can be used as an initial step to start the design. Broadly speaking house shape is divided into two separate parts. There is building men and women as its symbol.

Shape that symbolizes men functioned as a formation higher background to the building beside it, with a flat roof coverings are divided into two separate parts. Element detail with the completion of dark wood and the horizontal line is the symbol of a masculine figure of the family leader.

Then equipped with a building that seemed to be leaning, with more dense texture element symbolizes the figure of the housewife as a partner, plus an aesthetic form that lined bend iron reinforcing the image of hair that hung by the wind.

Eventually formed a figure of imagination expressionism building owners. Minimalist home is situated on 150m2 of land this home has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with a split-level floors. Living room is left exposed to the material transparent clear glass. And ponds that are exposed to the elements on the front lawn.

Hopefully this minimalist house became the inspiration for you to realize the "imagination of the house" that you dreamed of.

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