This is one of the following beautiful poem made by one of his famous architect in Indonesia. The poem was actually created for the next generation architects later. The manufacturer wanted the sketch is never forgotten in the world of architecture today.

Vray poetry a real answer to the virtual world

has come a period of
where artists like the real virtual
When the sketch is disturbed, or even expelled anyway

sketch might disappear halted
texture scratches visible eye
despite his talent exorbitant world
not an inch of ignored him

outbreaks have plagued the software .....
from the camera, the material until it is up lighting
presents an almost perfect ten thousand colors

when I saw ....
There is a clicking sound accompanied smile
The song praise express admiration
Printing machine cavalier resound
And the amazed eyes of the senses

Period sketch "goodbye" stunned
Is there a song of the conqueror
If talent was awakened confused
Seeing the light virtual unstoppable

Hmmmmm .........
May the noble hearted rendering
For small talent wanted to up
just standing and staring at clouds

maybe ....
if the first sketch is more
now just get poetry
just a piece of satisfying the heart ............

who did not want the sketch to go

Gayuh Budi Utomo

Surabaya, Indonesia

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