This modern minimalist house design is made by a famous designer in Indonesia. This Asymetric modern house is named "Nando House" by Gayuh architect. Actually, this house begins from the spirit to show something different from the houses around it. This house was designed with the concept of 'Asymetric' with a blend of modern and traditional building materials. The inside of this house looks very luxurious and modern. That make it unique from the house is not symmetrical front fence made of wood. This house looks very unique and has its own aesthetic value because of its design is very unusual.

The house is kept in balance despite having an asymmetrical shape of the roof, but the balance is reached from something different. From the front of the building, this asymmetry could be seen buildings with sloping roofs towering form. Openings with the form that follows the slope of the roof, making the house look from the front looks dominant among the house - a house on the side. This Asymetric house is also found scattered on the wall openings. In addition to aesthetics, the functionality, it also openings for natural light to enter the living room so the room gets the sun for lighting during the day.

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