The Green homes is in great demand by many lovers of the contemporary home design. And here is the work of a famous homes designer in Indonesia that is very interesting and amazing. The home is very luxurious and unique. This green homes design is called "Blending Home" by Gayuh architect. This cool green homes is a small house that accommodates multiple functions into one. The designers make this unique and minimalist house according to the client who want to have the homes but which contains a bar, home theater, church, family room, reading room, two bedrooms, two toilets, guest bedrooms, garden in the house and barn, while the land area of only 92m2. With so many requests, the client just wanted a house with one floor, so the architect offer this Blending Home as a solution to the problem.

In the Blending Home, some of the space they need to be combined, only accommodated one room only, so one room can be used for multiple functions. Like the living room that combines dining room, kitchen, living room and terrace.

Other rooms are rooms that combine the functions of the reading room, prayer room, and bedroom. In daily activities, this room serves as a prayer room and reading room.

But if there are guests who visit and need somewhere to live, this space can be used as guest bedroom after the partition between this room and covered patio. It was not a big area, but that does not mean the house can not be used for many activities. Designer really have managed to combine multiple functions into space in one room, so that we can meet all the needs of the desired space.

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