The design of this modern interior and architecture design shows the good appearance of the contemporary medical centre. Casimira medical center is a new project from the architect Gayuh Budi Utomo, it is finished in April 2011. It is located in Rungkut, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. Medical Center consists of various rooms with modern interiors and impressive, including 18 specialist doctor's office, Emergency Unit, laboratories, pharmacies and space management support.

The interior design of this modern medical centre is completed by Dyan Agustin. The low height arrangement of doors and windows is one of the dynamic impression that looks at the Casimira Medical Centre. It can also be the focal point of this interior design, because in can make the beautiful impression.

This modern medical centre has the two-story with the WF steel beams as structural elements and aesthetics in the interior.
The exterior of this beautiful building is dominated by elements that function transparently optimizes sunlight in order to enter into the building as natural lighting and in order to save electricity. In addition to sun wind circulation factors also become one of the priorities in designing the appearance of the facade is by placing a small aperture in addition to the window that serves as a ventilation air from outside into the building.
The flooring in this modern medical centre is truly clean and very impressive. It can make every one feel comfortable and save.

The waiting room in the font office is also very elegant and completed with modern simple furniture design for the special guests.

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