Enjoy the front of the homes with some activities
A home is the source of inspirations and also the place where we can enjoy and gather with our lovely. A home which unique arrangement and design certainly can make us more comfort being at home and enjoy its beauty. Every home has the windows. Window is a part of the home that can not be separated. A window should be in every home. A window consist of one hole that can be closed and has the function as exit and entry of the air. A window is the important thing that should be in every home to create the harmony and aesthetic value for the home itself.
Easily turned in many function
Modern small green homes design

A window that has the unique design certainly will be more impressive and fun. A window can be used as the others function. Here is the unique design of the window that is designed by the creative designer from Indonesia, gayuh Budi Utomo. The unique window that is called the �window transformation�.
The designer of this unique window try to create a window that has functions and not same with the other windows. The window that would be created by the designer was expected can be easily transformed to create the other functions. The designer try to interpret and expand the function of a window, not only as a hole for the exit and entry of the air. 
Multifunctional window than can be easily turned into othera
The designer make the function of the window that is different from the others begin from the rooms function where the window was located. The living room and the front patio are the rooms that has the public area character with most activities, that is to received the guests and for sit back. With this unique and multifunction window certainly would change the atmosphere of the rooms more interesting and fun.
Window Transformation on the Patio
And the functions that was succeed added by the designer are the function that support the activities in that rooms, such as the table, tray for the drinks, paper points, place for snack, and also space for magazine. With the additional function of this window, the activities in the rooms become more facilitated and add the quality of the comfortable of that rooms, but not apart from its function as the window. The unique window design that can be used as the inspiration for your beloved home design.

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