Many people believe that becoming an architect takes tenacity and expertise. Actually, my father used to remind me to later become an architect as an adult. However, my father's dream was not realized, because I have absolutely no interest in the field of architecture. I tend to choose education as a teacher, and also the world of information technology, and tend to become a blogger.

When I was a little deep on the architecture, I found a senior architect who gives knowledge that there are three kinds of architects who could be engaged as a young architect. The three kinds of architects are including the architect who say, work, and rich,

1. Architect "say", with the knowledge and insights he described what he believed to be the basic architecture, and language is his best friend, from small things to great things he studied the exposure in the form of criticism or appreciation on a growing issue in society

2. Architect "work", with the knowledge and creativity he produces works in the form and building design that stands majestic beautify the city (although there is a worsening), is good friends with the architect drawing table (which is now often just a sweetener room only), a solid working team will schedule and deadlines.

3. Architect "rich", well, if this is the third architect armed with knowledge and tenacity she can manage a good business or non-architectural architecture into an industry that large, and of course accompanied with great results too.

So, which of these three is the best kind? The answer is that in accordance with each of our personally.

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