The saying "my house is my palace" is probably true. But a homeowner who is in the Juanda Harapan Permai, Sidoarjo is prefers to use the saying "my house is my imagination". Why? Because from the start to the end of designing this homes, the homeowner who is also a military officer was wanting a home that reflects the symbol of strength will profession.

The minimalist house "hummer house" themed was designed by local architect, Gayuh Budi Utomo. First, the designer started with an icon that represents the actualization of the owner. Ranging from fighter aircraft, warships, and the torpedo into the initial idea of the icon is offered by the owner to the designer. But from some of the proposal, the owners have not found the desired shape. Then after a few basic ideas do not reach an agreement, the designer and his team plan to further classify into a single design that is closer to the everyday homeowner.

Then designers started to propose a military automobile, homeowners and the response was good enough for a military car. And now the problem is a military car like what we adopted as an icon.

And finally "hummer", a cool car during the Gulf War, when America launched an attack against Iraq was the right choice. Hummer is one of the main war vehicles at the time, with a wide body shape and strong, we can make more hummer as a space to relax and play for the homeowner.

Implementation time homework is quite interesting, because there is one of the most challenging jobs of making this hummer replica car. At the time of execution is quite exciting happened several experimental methods work because they do not get a composition is in want, so we repeat up to three times a method. But finally it's done the hardest work and detail.

This house is a minimalist who used the house owner for a transit stop for just a moment before continuing the journey to the airport.

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